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Wamalug will hold a monthly video conference on a Sunday in June, 2024, starting at 12:30 p.m. What’s going on with Wamalug.


The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Users Group (Wamalug) is a club formed by Adult Fans of LEGO which has been meeting monthly more or less continuously since August of 1999. Wamalug meets in person and also holds weekly and monthly video conferences. Guests of any age with an interest in building or appreciation are welcome any time. Learn more about Wamalug and what we’ve done over the past two decades at “ The History of Wamalug at its Original URL.”



Wamalug is a Recognized LEGO User Group. Connect with Wamalug: like and follow us on Facebook, join us on Discord for chat with this invite (direct link to server for logged-in users) and/or join us at Groups.io for email, follow us on Instagram, view our Group on Flickr.


Wamalug lacks many of the traditional aspects of clubs or user groups, and has no dues, structure, or other onerous requirements. To get on “The List” so you don't have to sign in at meetings and to be eligible for other benefits, you need to (1) be an adult, (2) attend three meetings (whether in-person or monthly video conference) as announced on the Facebook page, in the Groups.io list and calendar, and in the #calendar channel on Discord, and (3) be active (attend a meeting or participate in a Wamalug event) within 6 months of your last activity.