Washington Metropolitan Area Lego Users Group


Members and guests are required to obey at least 3 of the 4 rules.

  • Respect others and their property (sadly, even Bionicles).
  • Guests are welcome any time!  Just show up.
  • Ask before touching others' creations.
  • Sacrifice a hoofed animal upon entering the chamber.

Which 3 you obey is your choice.

  • WamaLTC
  • Yahoo



Find the date and place of our next meeting, then just show up!

Come any time during our meeting.  Leave any time you like.  Simple, eh?

Bring some LEGO to build with or show off!

Passers-by of all ages are welcome to pop in and say Hi.

Contact Us

Read about us here at WAMALUG.com.

Talk to us at our Yahoo group.

Email us for info.

See our photos on flickr.